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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spring Stuff

A few photos from waaaaaayyyyyy back in the spring....
 This girl beats to her own drum. Walking her elephant and taking her babies to Hobby Lobby.
 Building bridges with our Classical Conversations community...

 A "little" Easter egg hunt....
 Watching Cinderella the ballet with good friends...

 Planting a garden...

We watched tadpoles turn to frogs again this year!

We had our own Easter egg hunt with good friends!

 Marin made the Easter Bunny a carrot stuffie.

 Easter morning 2017

Marin's Kindergarten Graduation

Burke got to present this little cutie at her kindergarten graduation. It was such a sweet ceremony and we loved celebrating her hard work! 

Marin's Art Show

Marin took art classes this past year and did an amazing job! Each semester we got to see her hard work in an art show.

Happy Birthday, Bear!

We made a special trip to Midland to celebrate Bear's birthday!

 We didn't get on our flight so we had a gymnastic show and an airport scavenger hunt. :o)